Sunday, August 10, 2014

Well, Hello Dahl-y

This photo shows hardly any Dahl, but this is the way I tend to eat -- veggies first -- in this case, with a hefty garnish of fresh cilantro and tomato.

The bowlful was inspired by one created by the lovely Sally Kitten at Of the Kitten Kind. When I saw Sally's recipe, I wanted it right away, but didn't want to make a trip to the market, so mine was made with what was sitting in my pantry: black and green lentils and green peas, instead of red lentils and yellow peas. As a result, mine took longer to cook and was still likely more "al dente" than one made from the more tender legumes, but I love it.

Dahl provides wonderful leftovers, since the flavors continue to meld and unfold with time. I'm still enjoying this batch. The warmly spiced curry concoction sustains as it calls to mind mystical scenes draped in shades of saffron and turmeric from a movie Wynne and I used to watch over and over again when she was tiny: "A Little Princess". Truth be told, my now nearly-17 year old and I still indulge in the film from time to time -- magic!

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