Monday, August 18, 2014

Mind Blown

This morning I found a new vegetable at Publix which looked an awful lot like parsnips. It is called "Parsley Root". I quickly realized it IS parsnips -- attached to a bunch of parsley! This is a very sad, tired bunch of parsley, so I bought a prettier, parsnip-free bunch too, but I figured the roots themselves here would be better than the old, dried-up parsnips sealed in plastic I normally buy. I've never seen them fresh and unpackaged here in my part of the deep South.

Parsnips are probably my favorite root veggie. They are so sweet, mild and bright in flavor. My favorite way to prepare them is pureed. I peel and roughly chop them, then boil them for about 10 minutes and then puree 'em in a food processor with a little of the boiling water, some "butter" a little salt and a hefty dose of nutmeg -- transcendent. I'm not kidding.

Did you know parsnips are actually the roots of parsley? I love both. I know what I'm planting next summer.


  1. They are not the same thing, though they are from the same family of plants. Root parsley is more slender in appearance, and not as smooth. The leaves are also tasty.

    1. Thanks Anon -- I can see that about the green parts, but I could swear the "parsley roots" taste and have the same texture as parsnips! I'll do more research before planting next year.