Friday, February 7, 2014

The Benefits of "Leaning Into" Vegan

Just a quick one today, vegans. Last week I was thumbing through a People magazine and noticed that Christie Brinkley is now 60 years old! Yes, that Christie -- the one in the poster in all the boys' dorm rooms back in my day. I bet the boys didn't know she was already 30 years old then. Christie at 60 looks pretty much like Christie at 30, and she credits managing stress and following a healthful, "mostly vegan" diet for her longevity.

People follow a vegan diet for so many reasons, but the numerous benefits are measurable physically, emotionally and karmically. For those not ready to go whole hog (so to speak) the value of at least "leaning into" a more plant-based diet should not be underestimated.

Personally, though the stabilization of chronic illness is my main motivator, some days are more creative and energetic than others. On the days my motivation wanes, vanity steps in and I'm inspired anew. No other way of life affords the chance to eat as much delicious food, as often as one wants, with no detrimental effect to health or dress size. In the grand scheme of things, 60 isn't very far off. Miss Brinkley and other beautiful vegans and "almost vegans" stand as inspiration for what's to come.

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