Saturday, February 8, 2014

More Organics

My next box of local, organic veggies arrived yesterday. It feels like Christmas on delivery day. I have set the frequency at biweekly and have changed to the "tiny" box size for fear of wasting the gorgeous goodies. The "tiny" size is actually in the same box, with presumably fewer items inside. It's still a lot. After two giant beets (which I ate all by myself) and two big green bell peppers (still in the crisper two weeks later) I marked those off the list of future deliveries, and now I wish I'd marked off the sweet potatoes too. There is still a large bowl of smashed sweet potatoes in the fridge from the last shipment, and nobody is really going for them, least of all me. I'm not a huge fan of sweets. The mashed sweet potatoes are alright -- no added sugar, just "butter" salt and pepper, and a little unsweetened almond milk -- I'm just not craving them the way I do those Mediterranean beans. Here in the new shipment there are three more, albeit of two different varieties. I will need to more closely edit that list. The only other disappointment is a package of organic sprouts, since I grow my own in a hemp bag thus:

What I'd really like more of in these shipments is kale and other greens, and citrus. Last shipment's grapefruits and oranges were resplendent. They were the best I've ever tasted! You may be wondering about citrus fruit and tomatoes being organic and local. Being in Georgia, parts of Florida and South Carolina are considered "local" to us. I think the radius is 350 miles or so. I've no complaints about the quality of this produce. But I do have my favorites.

Here's a salad that was a vehicle for the last orange from the former shipment:

Atop organic lettuces, I placed chunks and juice of the orange, along with some delicious citrus-marinated mixed olives from a beautiful crock I received from my friend, Joan, for Christmas. Besides the citrus-oil and the juice from the orange, I only seasoned the salad with a tiny pinch of salt and a grind of pepper. This was a luscious, satisfying lunch.

Now -- off to make another batch of those amazing Mediterranean beans -- this time with organic limas instead of speckled. I probably need to use those green bell peppers too. Maybe stuffed? I'll keep you posted.

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