Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sometimes A Bean Needs Direction

Ever since my Chinese longbean plants sprouted, I've eagerly tended to them daily to find them sitting squat, three leaves close to the ground, and going nowhere. I skipped a couple of days during the painting/purging period, and then happily found the confused beans reaching out with tendrils to choke one another. Once those tendrils sprout, everything begins to happen quickly.

"Now now, kids, play nice," I murmured as I gently unwound them from each other's necks. I rearranged the tendrils so that they very lightly touched the trellis I had placed for their climb. The next day, they had tightened their grip and the progress was exponential. Wait 'til the beans sprout! They seem to grow inches per day, until they are about 3 feet long! They'd keep growing too, but I've found they get tougher as they get older.

In other gardening news, here's a mixed pot of zucchini, cucumber, nasturtium and microgreens. I don't really have a plan for the vines beyond guiding them to the trellis on the left and the garden fence on the right. These plants would dominate the whole garden footprint if I had planted them within it.

I have some very fat radishes pushing themselves out of the earth, but the photos didn't do them justice since they were hidden under my tangled onion arsenal. When I get a good shot of them I'll share. Any other garden shots out there? I'm always looking for inspiration!

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