Tuesday, April 23, 2013


What'd I tell you? See the opacity of green? I love living in my green cocoon! Here are some more pretty garden shots:

In addition to this woodsy greenery, I've been very excited about my ever-changing veggie garden, though its changes are less dramatic, so I'll try not to bore you, selecting only a couple of highlights:

I'd planted every last Chinese long bean I was able to wrest from the jaws of Draco Hortus, last year's fearsome garden dragon, and had not yet seen any evidence of germination, so I'd begun to despair. Then one morning I was rewarded with three of these little bean shoots! I've got my fingers crossed that the onion arsenal will prove to be a worthy dragon-deterrent.

I moved a few pots around because I was thrilled to see an early response to a handful of microgreen seeds I'd sown, so I planted more, and revised the irrigation configuration accordingly. I see daily living baby salads in my very near future!

I love feeding myself and my family with green -- visually and orally.