Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Drinking the Earth

Yes, that's what I said, and no, I don't mean drinking dirt. I am talking about a fresh glassful of juice teeming with the life of our mother earth, so that we can almost feel the enzymes humming, syncing the vibrations, bringing us closer to the oneness of all things. That sounds pretty far out, but you should have tasted it.
When my Dad visited recently, we had a lot of fun with the juicer. We started off mild, all the better to entice my husband to try some (cuke, celery, a couple of leaves of kale and a couple of apples). We got a bit more adventurous day by day, adding lemon, ginger, radish. Dad kept pushing for garlic, but I vetoed it, at least while my husband was around. Then, finally it was time for Andres to go back to work, so we added the garlic -- four cloves!  This obviously won't work on a day I'd have to clean up and go to work, but Dad and I didn't mind each others' garlic breath and the juice was really, really good. We reaped the benefits of the natural antibiotic qualities of the raw garlic along with the other megamicronutrients. This earthy luscious juice was shockingly delicious!


  1. The color is stunning! If it tasted half as delicious as the enticing color, it MUST be a winner!

  2. Awesome! It looks so good and I can imagine how wonderful it must have tasted. Nice post!