Thursday, September 6, 2012


Dad came to visit over the long weekend and we had such a wonderful time with him. We took a day trip to Athens to see Hans but otherwise took it easy and indulged in plenty of delicious food, drink and good company.

But the days of pasta and vodka have come to an end. Now that Dad has gone home, the kids are back at school, Andres is out of town and my office is still closed while details are settled for the reopening, there is nothing to distract me from my general state of imbalance. A loss of equilibrium is normal during certain times of life, such as where I presently find myself. With the recent losses of my amazing Mom and also my employer and friend, and with a half-empty nest as my eldest is in college, it's no wonder I sometimes struggle to decipher which way is up.

I'm so glad I'm familiar with the basics of macrobiotic principles. When I'm irritable and generally out of whack, I reach for greens and grains. Above is my dream dinner this evening -- basmati and red rice with a little earth balance (that part isn't macrobiotic) and sauteed red onion with green cabbage, shoyu and lemon. This was very delicious and centering. As I ate it with my daughter I could feel my irritation subsiding and a general sense of well-being descending over me like a cocoon. The results of food-as-medicine can be quite dramatic when the system is generally pure and free of toxins. I had seconds of these dishes, and felt even more peaceful. For another, grainless, macrobiotic healing, check out Nabe Vegetables, a post I wrote last year when I was just beginning to explore macrobiotics.

Pickles also figure prominently in macrobiotic wisdom, and homemade are best. The probiotic benefits are astounding, and can be obtained from a very small portion each day - a tablespoons-worth or so. Here is my latest batch of umeboshi plum vinegar pickles. I used Alicia Silverstone's recipe from The Kind Diet, but I utilized my own homegrown cucumber, red onion and radishes. Isn't this a pretty jarful? If you make these, follow the instructions carefully, leaving the jar open on the counter like this for only up to three days, and then covering and refrigerating. I played fast and loose with the instructions once and on the fourth day at room temperature was greeted with a moldy, algae-covered mess. Up to three days, though, has never gone wrong for me.

Tonight when I was becoming centered from my greens-n-grains, I was enjoying the company of my daughter so much -- just the girls! We curled up on the couch and watched "Friends". Wynne surprised me by suggesting it. She had found it on her own once and had become a fan -- she likes the humor of the writing. What a cool kid to appreciate something like this that was filmed before she was born. She never ceases to amaze and delight me. When she goes to Starbucks with her friends, since she has an unusual name (pronounced "Winnie" but spelled "Wynne") she gives "Voldemort" as her name. She loves it when a barista plays along by writing "He who must not be named" on her cup! The girl is a trip! What a lucky mom I am!


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  2. Hey Beautiful Friend---
    Have been thinking of you (and your mom...and your dad...) and what a joy to happen upon this post. Love your little "She Who Must Not Be Named"...and YOU!

    Peace, love, joy and happy surprises to you this week. :)