Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Friends, and Other Beautiful Things

These roses are from Dad. Every girl needs to be a princess in her father's eyes, and I am that, for which I'm so grateful. Thanks, Daddy!

Life challenges have a way of illuminating priorities, which is something else for which I'm grateful. Among my many blessings are my friends. There are "forever friends", those who I may not see for years but with whom it's effortless picking up right where we left off. There are situational friends, those we share our lives with as part of our greater families. And then there are those with whom we forge unbreakable and meaningful bonds through shared experiences, particularly those of a traumatic nature. I am so lucky to have some of each. Today I want to talk about my friends at work. Dealing with the sudden passing of our employer and friend has cemented a bond amongst our little team. The future of our venture is uncertain, but we are hopeful.

Linda, our nurse, is always coming up with ideas for healthy food for me, especially things my family might want to try. This chocolate fudge protein cake, from a recipe she found on the website healthfulpursuit.com was wonderful. Since it is not my recipe, I won't share it, but look for it on the website mentioned if you are interested. It utilizes hemp protein powder. The recipe only makes one little cup-sized cake, so I doubled it and made six tiny muffins. Instead of 20-25 minutes, these were done in 14. Linda replaced the xylitol with truvia. I'm not crazy about sugar substitutes, or sugar either for that matter, so I used a little maple syrup instead. Most folks probably wouldn't like the dark, fudgy, hardly sweet muffins as much as I do, but they are just right for my taste. I think next time I might use molasses instead, and less water with the egg replacers. I love that dark black, rich flavor of molasses. It reminds me of a pint of guinness - yum. I have another recipe from Linda for risotto which I look forward to trying. Linda is mostly vegan herself. In fact the whole staff opts for healthy food. Since we work in a practice where nutrition figures prominently in the treatment of some very serious chronic illnesses, It doesn't make sense to eat junk. We see the results, either way, of the choices people make.

Sue, one of the doctors on staff, brought these goodies for me the other day. They were from her CSA. She had seen my post about the demise of my lovely okra stalks, so she generously shared this bounty. I see caponata and gumbo in my future, and of course the spaghetti squash will be relished, if with only a little earth balance.

Though it is not yet "business as usual", Betsy, an M.D. who worked closely with Dr. Gustafson and who is now the fearless leader of our little team, is busy clearing practical hurdles that presently keep us from continuing in the good work of healing.

In other news, I was looking at some old photos recently and got a kick out of this one:

That's Wynne posing for
me before her 8th grade dance last year. You can tell she was not too thrilled to be photographed. Dressing up is not her thing. But the best part is Emma photobombing her in the background! I was so busy looking at Wynne, I didn't even notice Emma until I was uploading the photos from the camera. A good belly-laugh -- that's a beautiful thing!

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