Friday, April 27, 2012

San Francisco!

Last night I arrived in San Francisco, standing in for my Mom for a wonderful reunion that she and my Dad had planned for the USS Triton 201, the submarine upon which my grandfather, Chief Petty Officer Lloyd Charles McKenzie, served in WWII. The Triton went missing 69 years to the day before my Mom passed. It has never been found. My grandfather was only 28 years old, my mother, only 3, and her sister, 2. It's so good to be with my Dad again. My grandma (Mom's 95 year old mother and the widow of Lloyd) and my Aunt Gayle (Mom's sister) are also here. Grandma, Aunt Gayle and Dad all came from Virginia, and I, from Georgia. Many of the other guests at the reunion knew and loved my mother. Mama would be pleased. I can almost feel her presence.

I love my room -- on a corner facing east and north. I can see Alcatraz from the north window.

My Dad created these I.D. badges for all of us attendees to wear, but mine is special. Check out the flip side:

Ha! my Dad's the best! 


  1. What a special reunion! Have a blast. You'll love SF--it's very easy to be vegan there.

  2. Thanks Burnout!! I saw that you were recently here as well! I do love this city and want to come back again someday.