Monday, April 2, 2012

No New Normal Yet

Tomorrow will be three weeks without my Mom, and we just keep putting one foot in front of the other, but nothing is normal. Driving home from Virginia, I received a job offer from my favorite doctor's office, and I have had my first day of work, but am now on the Gulf of Mexico for a week that was planned months ago for the kids' Spring Break. Longtime readers might remember last year's Spring Break installation. Well, it's basically the same this year, beautiful ocean, lovely condo, in fact, we are in the same unit. I have been taking photos of some healthy food I've been eating, but I didn't bring the right wire, so posting those photos will have to wait.

So for now, I'll share with you this photo, maybe the last one we took of Mama. They came down to be with us for Thanksgiving. Here, Wynne is serenading us before a warm fire on the patio. On the rocker sofa, from left are my Dad, my Mom and me. This photo warms my heart. I have such an urge to lean in and hug her.

Being at the beach is healing, but I'm getting sick of sunscreen getting into my eyes when I cry. Being surrounded by friends here is good. Sometimes I can set my sadness aside for a little while as I relax into the convivial atmosphere. Last night, after dinner, we convened around the table at a neighbor's condo with the others. The host was choosing some "blast from the past" music from the 80's. At one point, one of our neighbors stood up and announced, "Gotta dance!" and then delighted us with a spotlight dance right where he stood. We all burst into laughter at this, and I was instantly reminded of a similar situation several years ago.

I wish I could remember the song. We were at Mom's and Dad's house, and, with the first couple of notes of a song, my Mom brightened up and said, "I love this song! it makes me want to . . . . twit my little everything!" We all laughed, realizing that my mom's enthusiasm for the music had so overcome her that its expression superseded her finding exactly the right words. But she got her point across!


  1. Thank you for your post. I hope your vacation is the renewal your mom would want you to have. Keep her spirit alive and LIVE!