Saturday, January 28, 2012

Menu-less Days

Regular readers understand that, while I value and strive for vegan epicurean excellence, when it comes right down to it I'm a pretty lazy cook. The fact is that life is full and busy in my present chapter and more often than not I find myself merely responding to its demands rather than proactively charting my own course. No matter -- I've found myriad shortcuts that allow most meals to adhere to my lofty fab food standards.

Not much goes to waste. Leftover take-out szechwan tofu was great with a bit of brown rice from the pot I'd made three days prior and a few stalks of fresh broccoli rabe.

A box of Pacific Pho Stock was improved with some rice noodles, tofu, spring onion, leftover green beans, cilantro, lime and shoyu.

Each time I re-warmed the leftover pho, I added more onion, cilantro and lime to keep it fresh and bright in flavor.

On days with literally five minutes to make food and eat it, I can still add a fresh tangle of cilantro to an Amy's stir fry before I wolf it down.

Obviously, eating prepared foods at every meal would not be the healthiest choice, since there is a lot more sodium and sugar than I would use if I were creating it from scratch, but at least it's not chicken nuggets! Sometimes we do what we have to do and then get back on track when the situation allows.