Monday, January 30, 2012

I Know, I Know, But Look at It!

Yes, I know, too much juice is on this blog lately, but will you get a load of the gem I created this morning? Here's the juice before it made its way through the juicer:


I had bought a bunch of beets with lovely stems and greens still attached a couple of weeks ago, meaning to make a "roots and tops" macrobiotic dish I had read about, but alas, I lost them in the garage fridge crisper and only found them yesterday. The greens and stems were goners, but the roots were still firm and fresh, so juice inspiration was born.

I'd not eaten a raw beet before, so, unsure what to expect, I included an apple and an orange in this combination. I needn't have bothered with the fruit. This luscious juice was positively syrupy sweet, but not cloying. Earthy and rich, the energy imparted was very calming and stable, but over-the top positive at the same time. I tend to live very much in my upper chakras, from the head, ungrounded. Taking in the vibrant, rooted energy of the beets put my focus back on the lower chakras. The primal stance was a relief and a pleasure. I'm inspired anew to make time for meditation.

When I tasted the syrupy sweetness of my juice, I worried about a sugar rush and a crash, but what I got instead was bright-eyed calm energy all morning. The "crash" was more like a gentle flutter down, a full six hours after I drank the juice. I had no breakfast -- just the juice! Luckily I had the rest of the juice in a cup in the fridge and I'm sipping it right now. It's giving me my second wind.

I think my next beet juice will have no fruit, but plenty of greens and ginger root too. Doesn't that sound good?

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