Tuesday, July 26, 2011

South Caribbean Vacay, Final Installment

Docked back in San Juan, Puerto Rico, after hours (!) of waiting in a line to go through customs, we decided we had to wolf down some local delicacies before embarking on the sightseeing jaunt we had missed at the beginning of our trip. Above is a photo of Platanos Maduros redux -- much more fresh and tender than the timbale-shaped version at the beginning of our journey. I was STARVING so I had to eat half of it before I remembered to snap this pic. This dish was so, so good. I still find myself dreaming about it!

We took a cab to Old San Juan (I'd love to spend a week in this locale alone - such a beautiful place!) so we could see the old fort. Isn't it lovely how the locals utilize this beautiful national treasure? Many were picnicking and flying kites.


'Kenzie administering one of her famous "bear-hugs" to Hans -- sweet!

Ancient . . .

Formidable . . .

Stunning! Time was too short. I would love to spend many more days exploring Old San Juan.

Back at our groovy hotel room by the beach (yes, that's what I said) we began getting a little blue that our amazing adventure was coming to an end.

We focused the remainder of our time together upon our beloved extended family members. Then, it was time to go.

Upon landing in Atlanta, my parents called me from San Jaun with the shocking news that, immediately after our cab left the hotel from the airport, the hotel was surrounded by the flashing lights of many local police cars. Apparently, while we slept in our groovy rooms, a murder was taking place in another room of the hotel! We did not hear anything. As we were eating breakfast, a chamber-maid was finding two men -- one deceased and one still alive but critical. They had been bound, gagged and shot, so the leading theory is that it was a targeted hit, most likely drug related. Yikes!

Oh well, I still want to go back.

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