Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh, My Word

Thank you Sammi! If you haven't checked "Vegan Pandamonium" ( lately, I urge you to do so, and look for Sammi's Eggplant Parmesan recipe. Oh, my word, this might be the best vegan food I've ever eaten. The photo is not my food styling at its finest, midway through the feeding frenzy of my second helping as it was.

Recently on national news I noticed Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest. This type of display not only turns my stomach, but makes me embarrassed to be in a country that celebrates the notion of gorging on purpose. What does this topic have to do with anything? Well, eating this fabulous eggplant parmesan, I realized I could be one of the same ilk of gluttonous fools, if I were gorging on vegan eggplant parmesan, that is. Stopping after two helpings took all my restraint.

Here's today's garden harvest which made the fabulous meal possible. Rather than shopping for one large eggplant for the recipe, I utilized two Ichiban eggplants, two Gretel eggplants and one Hansel eggplant which were ripening on my vines. These varieties are so thin-skinned and not bitter in the least, so required no salting and soaking or peeling. I just sliced them up as they were.

Also featured in this harvest are four very long Chinese long beans (over two feet long), and a couple of shorter ones I went ahead and harvested since I wanted to make these:

Pickled green beans! I love pickled veggies -- they are so good for digestion, and pickled green beans are particularly delicious in a  good Bloody Mary! Isn't it funny that I made all these pickles from four big beans and two small ones? I certainly enjoy a prolific garden plant.

Do try Sammi's eggplant parmesan recipe -- you won't be sorry!


  1. i get really grossed out by eating contests too. tony is fond of that show "man vs. food" and i'm like, who wants to sit and watch this guy gorge himself for 30 minutes? not this lady.

    BUT i do love eggplant and can do my fair share of gorging on it, so i'll be sure to check out that recipe. i love eggplant parm and yours looks so good.

  2. Those green beans are the longest I've EVER seen! Now I absolutely am motivated to embark on a dilly bean pickle-fest!

    Gorgeous photos and thoughtful always!

  3. Hey, thanks, Sara! I'm loving reading your blog!

  4. Cheryl -- Thanks for reading, sweet girl! I love the Chinese Long Beans! When Britton was here visiting last summer he recognized them from what he buys on the streets in China. He said I don't have to harvest them so soon -- they are still tender up to about 3 feet long! They grow about 6 inches a day, kind of like bamboo!They are so easy too, not picky about water or sun. I lazily throw the dried up beans I miss seeing into an unkept corner of the pinestraw and the next day I notice a new vine! Anyhoo, thanks for inspiring me always, and happy pickling!

  5. That looks amazingly yummy!! I'll have to make it this week. Thanks for the post Cheryl. =)