Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Voluptuous Salad!

This delicious salad was born from inspiration (Morgan's Cobb Salad, currently featured on her wonderful blog and a good refrigerator cleanout. I don't often take the time to wash and chop for lunch, usually opting instead to eat last night's leftovers. But this morning I took one look at Morgan's gorgeous salad creation, and I had to consume some facsimile thereof.  I am fortunate to have so much wonderful food in the house right now, and it just takes a little organization to be sure I use it all before it goes bad. This salad was a great vehicle to that end.

My salad included:  Red and green butter lettuces, sliced organic carrots, a chopped tomato from my garden, half an avocado, chopped, black olives, chick peas and Lightlife bacon, cooked and crumbled.  I shook up a quick, simple, creamy dressing from the dregs of a bottle of "Seeds of Change" Red Pepper Vinaigrette and a couple of forkfuls of Veganaise.  I don't know why I didn't remember to throw a handful of sunflower seeds on top, which did flit through my mind while I was preparing the rest of the veggies.  That would have been good. But this salad was really very delicious, luxurious and filling just the way it turned out.

I am eager to try Morgan's Cobb salad too, it looks like it is worth thinking ahead enough to go out and buy the items I was missing today.

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  1. Awesome salad! It would have been so good to throw on the sunflower seeds! The great thing about salads is that you can throw anything on them! And I looooooove Lighelife bakin! So good! Thanks so much for the mention! Keep cooking!