Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Erin Go Bragh

Yep, I know -- wrong holiday. Yep, I know -- too many photos of juice. I'm only sharing this because, with a passel of company in our home last week, my glass selection had dwindled to the point that I was digging out free vessels my husband had earned from his consumption at Taco Mac. Who am I kidding, nothing matches in this household anyway . . .  except the things in the china cabinet which shall not be touched . . . because we break things. But I digresse. I'm sharing the photo because the green in the Guinness glass made me giggle. If you bear with me I promise I'll get around to referencing the more timely holiday, at least obliquely.

This time of year, at least in Georgia, the most lovely green in nature abounds -- the kind shot through with a rare flame of tangerine, gold or scarlet. This last breath of freshness set off by the foil of a fiery hue makes this my favorite time of year. For my daughter's 17th birthday celebration, we took advantage of the gorgeous season and enjoyed a four mile hike at Sawnee Mountain with a few of her friends. Here are some of my photos:

The quiet, ancient depth and magic of the wooded mountainside fed my soul somehow.

Magic: it's easy to imagine fairies gamboling across their plush carpet.


This bona fide abandoned gold mine (!) is bound to be haunted.

Spooky. -- There's your oblique holiday reference!

The season is fleeting so I'm going out to grab a little more of it.

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  1. It's so beautiful. I will be getting out in it this weekend, with one more trip for my vintage trailer. I think I will make an effort to get out and take some pictures before all the 'bloom' is gone.