Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Glow Juice -- It's Alive!

No, I didn't empty a glow stick into this fresh veggie juice. Yes, I am just as surprised as you that 100% organic veggies and fruits produced such an otherworldly shade.  With this juice, I stepped out of my comfort zone of sweetening with an apple and instead used an orange. The juice contained: One large bulb of fennel, complete with stalks and fronds, 1/4 head of green cabbage, one head of romaine, 1 whole orange, including peel, 1 whole lemon, also including peel. These veggies produced over 20 ounces of juice, so I sipped it all day long over ice. The flavor was amazing -- sublime. For those who are not fond of the licorice notes of the fennel plant, try it with orange and lemon first before you pass judgement. The juice was light and mild, yet bursting with fresh flavor -- alive!

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