Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Comfort Food!

Today I would like to feature a FANTASTIC recipe I found on Danielle's blog, "Chronicles of a Dairyland Vegan" (http://veganrockergirl.blogspot.com).

The recipe is "Southern Comfort Cheesy Green Bean Casserole". Danielle sold it so well in her description of this luscious combination, that I went far outside my lazy chef box and actually followed the recipe, with a couple of changes based on what I had on hand. I used rice pasta instead of other whole grain, and, not possessing any fried onion rings, I topped it all off with some panko bread crumbs mixed with dried minced garlic. This combo was deliciously agreeable. I also had no frozen green beans, but had just taken advantage of a coupon for prewashed store-brand fresh green beans, which I washed and trimmed again, then used raw in the recipe. The result was a soft, creamy casserole with slightly crunchier beans than the frozen ones would have provided. I liked them crunchy, though, and the beans cooked a little more with each subsequent heating of the many leftovers but were never overcooked (nobody else wanted to try this dish, so it was MINE, ALL MINE!!) The leftovers just kept getting better. I miss this casserole's presence in my fridge.

Please visit Danielle's blog and give this amazing casserole a try. You won't be sorry!