Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Delicious New Product!

Shopping at Target the other day, I found a bag of frozen, organic shitake mushrooms produced by a company called Woodstock. Normally I feel fresh is best, but these mushrooms are so good! The convenience factor was what originally sold me -- no defrosting needed, just throw the frozen 'shrooms into the pan. But I was surprised to find the flavor and texture of these luscious morsels is transcendent. Really. They starred in this lovely veggie melange of bok choy and kale. I used coconut oil for it's health benefits and then finished the dish with a drizzle of olive oil. I will be buying these again.

You can see that Ellie is also impressed.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bok Choy, Baby!

Look at those lovely little morsels all snug in their bowl! My current fave, Baby Bok Choy, is quickly steamed here with Umeboshi vinegar and a little olive oil. In this season of dietary trial and error, I'm still most comfortable eating veggies.

Another delicious dish, Crispy Garlic Broccoli -- a favorite of my daughter's best friend -- is featured below. Her mom taught me how to make it. She uses only a little olive oil to quickly fry it at a high heat. I start with coconut oil first because of what I've learned from Dr. Wahls' book about the unhealthful results of olive oil at high temperatures, especially for those of us trying to regenerate brain cells. Olive oil is not as bad as some other oils at high heat, but coconut oil is better. The performance is different, though. The olive oil is less tricky when flash-frying. The broccoli tends to brown very nicely without sticking and burning. With the coconut oil, it's easier to burn the broccoli. I just watch it very carefully and only add a tiny bit of olive oil just before it burns, to crisp it, then take it off the heat.

You can see that the broccoli is still tender-crisp throughout with only the outer edges and chunks of garlic browned and crispy. Eat it all up when it's at its best -- hot out of the pan. This is not one of those dishes that's better the next day.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Abundance and Balance

In this abundant season, thank goodness for healthy leftovers. Served warm the night before, this broccoli rabe, purple onion, mushroom, tomato and caper saute was a luscious cold salad for lunch the next day. Keeping healthy food close at hand is more critical than ever as our calendars fill.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Erin Go Bragh

Yep, I know -- wrong holiday. Yep, I know -- too many photos of juice. I'm only sharing this because, with a passel of company in our home last week, my glass selection had dwindled to the point that I was digging out free vessels my husband had earned from his consumption at Taco Mac. Who am I kidding, nothing matches in this household anyway . . .  except the things in the china cabinet which shall not be touched . . . because we break things. But I digresse. I'm sharing the photo because the green in the Guinness glass made me giggle. If you bear with me I promise I'll get around to referencing the more timely holiday, at least obliquely.

This time of year, at least in Georgia, the most lovely green in nature abounds -- the kind shot through with a rare flame of tangerine, gold or scarlet. This last breath of freshness set off by the foil of a fiery hue makes this my favorite time of year. For my daughter's 17th birthday celebration, we took advantage of the gorgeous season and enjoyed a four mile hike at Sawnee Mountain with a few of her friends. Here are some of my photos:

The quiet, ancient depth and magic of the wooded mountainside fed my soul somehow.

Magic: it's easy to imagine fairies gamboling across their plush carpet.


This bona fide abandoned gold mine (!) is bound to be haunted.

Spooky. -- There's your oblique holiday reference!

The season is fleeting so I'm going out to grab a little more of it.